After about 2 years, no. of new cases dips below 300

Kolkata: After nearly one year, the daily number of infected cases in Bengal on Saturday dropped below 300. Around 281 new cases were found across the state on Saturday. On Friday the daily infected cases stood at 319.

State had seen the daily infected cases below 300 during March last year. On March 6 last year, the daily cases stood at 259 while on March 12 the figure remained at 277.

On Saturday, the state saw the release of around 1,357 patients as they recovered. On Thursday the state registered 467 fresh cases. The number of active Covid cases has been on the decline in Bengal for over a week. Active cases dropped by 1,088 on Saturday. The number of active Covid cases stood at 6,648 on Saturday.

Occupancy in Covid beds in Bengal has gone down below 1 percent ever since the pandemic broke out. On Saturday, the state registered the occupancy in Covid beds at 0.53 percent. In the beginning of January this year, the occupancy remained at around 5 per cent.

By the end of January the occupancy dropped to around 3.5 percent. It has further gone down in February.

The number of daily fatalities on Saturday dropped to 12 from what stood at 13 on Friday. The figure stood at 15 on Thursday and 18 on Wednesday.

Single day cases in Kolkata remained at 38 on Saturday unchanged from Friday's figure. The figure stood at 63 on Thursday, 58 on Wednesday and 71 on Tuesday. The figure stood at 34 on Monday. Around 46 new cases have been registered in North 24 Parganas on Saturday. The total number of infected cases so far in the North 24-Parganas has gone up to 4,02,673.

Out of this, around 3,96,340 have already been released. North 24-Parganas has seen 5 Covid deaths on Saturday while Kolkata has seen 3 deaths. Kolkata has so far seen a total 4,46,687 Covid infected cases.

As many as 4,40,026 patients from Kolkata have already been released from the hospitals.

The number of fatalities in the city so far reached 5,633.

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