'Action will be taken if any TMC leader found involved in violence'

Action will be taken if any TMC leader found involved in violence

KOLKATA: After casting his vote on Sunday afternoon, Trinamool Congress (TMC) national general-secretary Abhishek Banerjee said if BJP had any substantial footage to show the alleged involvement of his party's workers in any violent activities during the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) polls, then the saffron party could submit the same in court. He also reiterated that if such allegations against the TMC were proved to be true, then his party would take action against the accused workers within 24 hours.

On the peaceful conduct of the KMC polls, TMCTrinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee tweeted: "People in Bengal are celebrating the festival of Democracy with pride." Quoting her, All India Trinamool Congress tweeted: "Our Chairperson @ Mamata Official has always ensured free & fair elections across the state and we will continue to protect Democracy and uphold the values & principles of this nation."

Referring to the peaceful election in Kolkata, Abhishek criticised the BJP and compared the polling conditions of Kolkata with Tripura.

"This was the difference between the BJP-ruled states like Tripura and Bengal. In the recently concluded civic election in Tripura, Trinamool Congress candidates had been beaten up and not allowed to cast their votes," he said.

Abhishek claimed that his party had submitted the videos of violence in the Tripura civic election in the court. He insisted that unlike in Tripura, about 40 to 45 lakh voters in Kolkata voted peacefully.

Quoting Abhishek, All India Trinamool Congress tweeted: "This is the difference between @BJP4India ruled states and AITC! In Tripura, we have seen how candidates themselves were not allowed to vote, and were beaten up black and blue by BJP goons. In Kolkata, people are celebrating the festival of democracy freely!"

Abhihek Banerjee had said over and again that the party did not endorse violence and stern action would be taken against any worker who would be found creating trouble of terrorizing voters.

People had queued up in front of the polling stations to exercise their franchise. After casting their votes many people, refusing to be quoted, said they had voted for TMC as they wanted to support the development schemes carried out by Mamata Banerjee.

The presence of women and young people were remarkable. Mira Bhattacharya, wife of former Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, and their daughter Suchetana went to exercise their franchise.

After casting her vote, Suchetana said: "Election was being held peacefully."

Maintaining the tradition, Mamata Banerjee went to cast her vote at Mitra Institution at 4pm. She was accompanied by Kajari Banerjee, TMC candidate from ward 73. Firhad Hakim went to cast his vote along with his wife and three daughters. After casting votes, they stood outside the polling station allowing the photo journalists to click their happy mood.

Atin Ghosh went to cast his vote along with his wife.

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