About 1,074 either held or prosecuted in a day for flouting Covid protocols in city

About 1,074 either held or prosecuted in a day for flouting Covid protocols in city

KOLKATA: Amid spike in Covid cases in the state, police intensified its vigil to check the violations of complete safety restrictions, which have been imposed to contain the spread of the virus. As many as 1,074 persons were either arrested or prosecuted on Wednesday till 12 noon from Tuesday 8 pm for violation of complete safety restrictions. About 418 persons were prosecuted for not wearing face masks.

For the past few days, cops across the city had started taking actions against those who were found not wearing face masks and flouting the Covid protocols. According to police, tendency of not wearing masks is increasing day-by-day.

Despite repeated attempts by the state government and police to make people aware of the consequences and prevention measures against the pandemic, a large number of people are still not following the Covid protocols.

When policemen asked people about why they were not wearing masks, maximum number of people claimed that they had been fully-vaccinated and thus didn't feel the need to use masks.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, police were seen distributing masks and prosecuting people in Gariahat, Esplanade, New Alipore and several other places. Police officers, who were confronting people, said after the relaxations were granted for Durga Puja days, people had turned reluctant and were returning to the old practices of not following Covid norms.

"We are just reminding them as well as prosecuting then so that others who are not following Covid safety norms will understand that they can also be prosecuted or arrested," said a police officer.

Subhankar Sinha Sarkar, joint commissioner of Police, headquarters said: "Covid safety restrictions are still on. So, every person must follow it. Legal action will be taken against those who are not following the Covid safety restrictions."

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