53 unregistered motorbikes seized in Gangarampur raids

BALURGHAT: After receiving complaints, a team of officials from Regional Transport Office of South Dinajpur-led by Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Sandip Saha raided two motorbike showrooms in Gangarampur and seized 53 unregistered motorbikes on Thursday.

According to the officials, the owners of those two showrooms have been involved in illegal trading of motorbikes without Trade Certificate of Registration (TCR).

"We have conducted raids in the two showrooms after receiving specific complaints that the owners of the showrooms have been involved in trading without TCR. No dealers can be entertained in selling two-wheeler without TCR. We have seized the motorbikes and directed them for proper explanation behind the illegal task," Saha said while talking to Millennium Post. According to him, as per government norms a motorbike dealer can receive TCR from RTO in terms of Rs 200 per bike for selling.

"One TCR is used for one bike only. During raids, we have noticed that they have no TCR at all and it's an offence. A rigorous departmental action will be taken against the accused," he said. It may be mentioned that registration is mandatory of every new bike.

It is a unique identity of the motorbike. Registration charges are cost to get the bike registered. Saha said all motorised road vehicles are tagged with a registration or licence number in the country while the licence plate number is issued by the concerned district-level Regional Transport Office of respective states.

Notably, Mamata Banerjee-led Bengal government has stressed on TCR so that no dealer is involved in illegal trading while selling either two-wheeler or four-wheeler.

"We can only identify the motorised vehicle on the basis of TCR after it comes from manufacturer. The government will also loss the revenue if the dealer is involved in trading without TCR. We cannot tolerate the nuisance anymore. Similar raid will conduct in future also," Saha said.

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