‘Know where to say no’

Actress Chitrangada Singh, who features in Inkaar, a movie which deals with sexual harassment at the workplace, says she knows where to draw the line when it comes to doing bold scenes.

‘As long as I am comfortable with my director and the co-stars, I am open to doing the bold scenes. But I do have my own limits and I know where to say no,’ said Chitrangada.

‘If you are not involved in a scene, your discomfort shows on screen and it makes you look stupid,’ she added.

As an actor, Chitrangada has opened up to new things — commercial Bollywood movies as well as item numbers.

Chitrangada entered the commercial movie zone with Desi
. She recently also did an item number in Joker.

‘I am more comfortable dancing now. Dancing is a lot of fun. I am open to doing item numbers. Let’s see if any interesting thing comes up, then I might do it (again),’ she said.

In Inkaar, she shares screen space with Arjun Rampal and she guarantees this is Arjun’s best work so far.

‘Arjun is a very nice human being. He made me feel very comfortable and that energy translates on screen. He is extremely professional. This is Arjun’s best work that I have seen,’ she said.

Inkaar is an ‘A’ movie, but Chitrangada maintains she is choosy with her scripts. ‘Yes I am choosy about my scripts. I want to do good roles that suit me. I want to choose the best because I have waited really long to be part of good films. I should be convinced with my role,’ she said.

She isn’t even worried about the competition among Bollywood actresses. ‘I don’t know about competition, I only choose to do good work that I like,’ Chitrangada said.

She also says box office numbers don’t matter. ‘Numbers don’t hurt. Everybody wants their film to earn as much money, but at the same time, I am greedy to be part of good films,’ she said.
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