‘Kejriwal not declared as AAP’s PM candidate’

‘Kejriwal is the best person for the post of prime minister and has all the qualities for the coveted post,’ Patkar told reporters.

‘However, AAP has not declared Kejriwal as the prime ministerial candidate as the Constitution has given this right to the elected MPs. If someone takes this step, then it amounts to violation of elected representatives’ right,’ she said.

She termed as ‘unconstitutional’ the declaration of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate.

The social activist said that it was only AAP that has shown guts to take on big capitalists like Mukesh Ambani while no other political party has this kind of courage.

‘If Ambanis are associated with Congress or Samajwadi Party, then Adanis are linked with Modi in Gujarat,’ she alleged.

Medha also claimed that a leading business group in Gujarat has amassed over Rs 47,000 crore assets in the last 17 years. The social activist said that the people of India wanted change and they look at AAP as a serious option.

She said that because of people’s movements and ability to exert pressure on politicians, citizens have got laws like Forest and Land Rights Act, Employment Guarantee Act and Food Security Act, among others.

Medha also praised AAP’s 49-day-long government in Delhi led by Kejriwal saying that no other chief minister has done so much (work) in such a short period of time.

‘There is a nexus between Congress and BJP,’ the social activist alleged and claimed that both are involved in corruption like Adarsh scam in Maharashtra and MP Professional Board Exam in Madhya Pradesh.
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