Kejriwal asks depts to submit Citizens Charter by Friday

Delhi Chief Minister on Monday asked all the government departments to submit their updated guidelines for effective implementation of Citizens Charter by Friday evening.

Addressing a meeting of the heads of departments here, he said that the Citizens Charter is an important and essential component to ensure time bound delivery of government services for the public.

It has been informed that majority of the departments have already uploaded their commitments for Citizens Charter on the concerned website, and the remaining few are also in the process of doing so.
The Chief Minister told the HoDs that the government will provide the technical <g data-gr-id="20">know how</g> and manpower to them for ensuring effective implementation of the Citizens Charter.

He said once the departments have submitted their lists for <g data-gr-id="28">implementation</g> of the Citizens Charter, these will have to be treated as “sacrosanct”.

Kejriwal said no rollback will be allowed once the departments submit their finalised lists of Citizens Charter and penalties will be imposed on concerned officials in case of failure to deliver on promises made.

Departments have been advised to only make promises which they can deliver in a time-bound manner so that the public is not misled.

He also said that the departments, based on their experience of the implementation of the Citizens Charter, can add new points in it next year, but it will be mandatory to implement whatever will be mentioned in this charter.
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