Kate Hudson all hush about wedding plans

Actress Kate Hudson, who is engaged to singer Matthew Bellamy, says she wants to keep details of their special day firmly under wraps until after it happens. But she says they already have a few details organised.

‘I think until the day we get married, the answer is going to be, ‘We have no intention right now of getting married’. And then you'll find out we got married,’ quoted Hudson as saying.

‘We have an idea. It’s starting to formulate, but it’s a timing thing. But honestly, right now, Matt is touring. Ryder is in school. I'm working,’ she said.

The 33-year-old also opened up about her beauty regime and said she is a beauty product junkie.

‘I have quite a bit. I don’t use all of it. You buy makeup because it's fun but you have your staples and for me, it’s the most natural-looking makeup. Sometimes you end up buying some sort of crazy yellow eye shadow, but I end up using the same stuff. I'm so loyal to specific products.

‘I am trying not to stay in the sun anymore. It bums me out. The sun makes me really happy. I’m really trying to stick on the SPF’, she said.
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