Kangana, Irrfan in Divine Lovers

‘I'm doing a film called Divine Lovers with Kangana and Irrfan in the lead. It would be a complete contrast to Revolver Rani. It won't be loud, aggressive, violent and flashy like Revolver Rani. But again Divine Lovers would be about the great Indian dream,’ Kabir said.

Divine Lovers would be set in Mumbai and Aligarh. ‘It'd be set in the lower middle-class and it would be also about the moral corruption of the middle-class,’ he said.

Also on the anvil is a sequel to Revolver Rani. ‘I want to build my hero Alka Singh as a franchise. She'll be my toy to tell many stories. I want her to do many things in the future, including fight America and revive the Soviet Union,’ said the director. But before that, there is a short film he's directing this monsoon.

‘Again it's about the great Indian dream. This obsession with the middle-class comes from the fact that I was an assistant to Saeed Mirza and Kundan Shah for nine years. I am highly influenced by them. But I feel my cinema needs to make money, so I can continue making the films that I want to,’ he added.
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