Just delivered joy!

Who doesn’t want to bring up his child in a cocoon of comfort? Little Lavanya’s parents, however, decided to take this a step further and ensured their first born came into the world in a lap of luxury - literally. So even as she was still in her mother’s womb, the hospital sent a luxury car to pick them up, they were treated with all five-star facilities in the LDR suite and Lavanya was born with Vedic music playing softly in the background - as asked for by her mom.

LDR, or Labour-Delivery-Recovery suites are nothing short of a high-end hotel or resort facility with all comforts at the press of a button. The idea that expectant mothers should be pampered during one of the most important times of her life, childbirth, has caught the people’s fancy, and LDRs are therefore becoming popular with most well-known private hospitals offering such facilities. Apollo Hospital, for instance, has Cradle, a premium birthing centre. ‘At Cradle, the main idea is that a woman should be able to deliver her baby in an environment of comfort. Therefore, we have a dedicated and compassionate team of doctors, gynaecologists, paediatricians and nurses who offer personalised care for the mother and the child. And, of course, there are other facilities too,’ Sudhir Diggikar, director of the Secondary Care Services at Apollo Hospital said.

The ‘facilities’ are in no way to be undermined. As the name suggests, the LDR suites are where a woman remains from the time of admission to her discharge and unless it’s a Caesarean, the delivery also takes place there. To start the celebration process, a baby shower is thrown for the expectant mother, complete with all the frills.

‘We encourage the father to be a part of the delivery process,’ Diggikar said. ‘As for the mother, we ask her if she would want any music to be played during the delivery. Music is soothing and keeps her mind occupied. Some women prefer Vedic music or religious hymns; others want instrumental or western music.’ After birth, a portrait of the newborn with his or her parents is presented to the family and the mother is given a special gift hamper. After discharge, the family is driven home in a luxury car with a plaque card that reads Just Delivered Joy!
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