Jovial pakistan train indoors as rain threat looms

England’s freaky weather is threatening Saturday’s ICC Champions Trophy clash between India and Pakistan. After Wednesday’s New Zealand versus Australia match was washed out, it rained most of the day on Thursday. The weatherman has predicted rain over the weekend too. 

Pakistan’s plans for an outdoor session at the Edgbaston cricket ground this afternoon was ruined by the elements. Rains almost throughout the afternoon forced the Pakistan players to train at the indoor nets in the Edgbaston Cricket Centre. 

The Indians were not scheduled to train. Only Irfan Pathan and Murli Vijay turned up for some batting practice but had to beat a hasty retreat because the entire Edgbaston square, including the practice wickets, were under covers.  With nothing but honour at stake, Pak manager, said players were looking forward the match. 
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