Jessica Alba: Once tomboy, now ‘woman’

Actress Jessica Alba, who has recently featured in a sensuous photoshoot for a magazine, says there was a time when she was a tomboy and had to make an extra effort to look ‘sexy’. But now, she is confident of her sexuality.

‘I just have an ownership of my body and of myself as a woman that I didn't really have before,’ Alba told

‘I was such a tomboy, and I would always kinda like try and do role-playing to try and do these sexy things.’

‘But now I'm very much woman. I know who I am, I'm confident in my sexuality and now it's not so much of a departure from myself when I have to do photo shoots or play a character,’ she added.
In the photo spread for Maxim magazine, the 33-year-old puts her figure on display in a wet bikini while posing against a rocky hillside of the beach.

Recently, the Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill for actress also revealed how age has helped her let go of her inhibitions and made her feel ‘saucier’. It’s not news that the actress is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but her sexy photo shoot also exuded a lot of confidence that was very admirable.
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