Jennifer’s technical wardrobe

Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez reportedly has a high-tech system to remember everything she wears so she does not repeat her outfits. Lopez, 46, uses a database to help her pick her outfits, reported the New York Daily News.

“She had her feet up at a meeting, and someone noticed that she had a bar code on her shoe and asked her if she borrowed them.

“Jennifer laughed and said no, that she has her own internal bar code system on all of her closets to digitally keep track of what she wore and when she wore it, so that she isn’t caught wearing the same thing twice,” a source said.

The database also has a picture of the clothes or shoes and has details about the size, colour and the date when she was last seen wearing it as well as its location to monitor which outfits are kept in her New York home and which ones are kept in her Los Angeles abode.

And to keep everything in control, the singer has hired someone to look after her wardrobe full-time. 
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