Jennifer Aniston eases exercise regime to enjoy life

Actress Jennifer Aniston, who admits she's ‘eased up’ her workout regime, says it's important to take time off from working hard in the gym to simply enjoy life sometimes.

The 45-year-old, who sticks to a combination of running, yoga and climbing to maintain her A-list figure, insists she has slackened her routine over the last two years and is constantly changing the ways she keeps fit, reports

‘Honestly, there's always something which is consistent which is either running or yoga, but I love to do spinning, yoga, elliptical. I like to change it up. I go to the gym, do strength training started on this darn climber thing, which is a pain, literally a pain in the a**,’ she said.

‘Change it up. But also take some time off and don't do anything and enjoy your life. I've eased up for sure in the last couple of years,’ she added.
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