Jen still not over Brad Pitt

Actress Jennifer Aniston reportedly still can’t get over her ex-husband Brad Pitt and is seeking counseling to get rid of the obsession. ‘From time to time, she even pulls out a box of mementos she’s kept — love letters, her handwritten wedding vows, pictures from their romantic vacations abroad, even one of Brad’s old, ratty T-shirts that she claims still has his smell on it,’ quoted a source as saying. Aniston, who is engaged to actor Justin Theroux, is so consumed by thoughts of Pitt that she recently enlisted friend and actress Courteney Cox to spy on him by way of their mutual friend David Fincher. ‘Jen’s always encouraging Courteney to set up dinner dates with David so she can pump him for updates,’ a source said. "She tells Courteney she is only interested in knowing what Brad and Angelina’s wedding plans are, so that they don’t conflict with her own. But Courteney knows her interest runs deeper,’ added the source.The source said Theroux ‘would hit the roof if he knew how much Jen still pines over him (Pitt)...’ 
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