Jen says de-glam role liberating

Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston, known for featuring in romantic comedies like Just Go With It and Marley & Me, is seen with greasy hair and no make-up in her new film Cake. And the actress found it liberating to play the role.

In Cake, the 45-year-old plays a woman suffering from addiction, rage issues and suicidal depression after a tragic accident leaves her scarred inside and out. She hasn’t played a role like this in the past and liked going makeunder for the role.

‘It’s awesome and liberating to let that all go. And see yourself looking like that on a 50-foot screen,’ quoted Aniston as saying.

Aniston also said she moved stiffly and with great discomfort, aided by a back brace, to play a woman suffering from chronic pain caused by a car accident.
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