Jalpari lyricist has eye on Bollywood

He has just scored a high point with his latest Neeli Geeli... in Jalpari, but songwriter, Protiqe Mojoomdar, says ‘Coming to Bollywood did not happen just like that, I had started writing since my school days. It all started early’.

As a kid, he would listen to Bollywood numbers and write them down even as he sang along. ‘Besides Bollywood, I used to listen to Rabindra Sangeet, Gurubani, ghazals of late ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh, Ghulam Ali. All these formed an early inspiration for my writings,’ he says.

His first exposure in writing on a professional level came when he wrote the song Mantra with Euphoria frontman Palash Sen. Before that, he used to write for his band A Boat.’

Tagore, Shakespeare and Gulzar have been Mojoomdar’s inspirations. ‘I have grown up listening to Rabindra Sangeet and reading Tagore. Tagore’s writings had a deep impact which I could so much relate to,’ said the lyricist.

‘We grew up in different times, during the 70s and 80s, but in these years a lot has changed. We have greater exposure to music and influences which can be borrowed from many places. Music has become so varied and accessible so we can create music on a lot of levels,’ he said.

For Neeli Geeli, he roped in Shubha Mudgal for the alap along with an international DJ. ‘What I mean is, music collaboration can be brought to the disposal of the global musicians across different continents.The exposure of music has taken a tremenduous leap,’ he says.

‘In this profession there are no way people would give you a break. One has to keep writing,’ added Mojoomdar.

What next? Some untitled Bollywood project and singer Papon’s new album, for which he has written the songs.
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