Jake Gyllenhaal wants to be good man

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal says his "goal" in life is to be a "good man."  The 34-year-old "Southpaw" actor said it is a difficult target to achieve because of the "complexities and darkness" which people have within them, reported Female First.

"What else is there but the journey of trying to be a good person, or a good man? "In this incarnation, that seems to be my goal. It's a complicated thing, because I think the idea of good doesn't subtract complexities, doesn't subtract darkness," Gyllenhaal said.Around five years ago, the "Nightcrawler" actor made a deliberate career shift away from Hollywood blockbusters and admitted it came at a point where he was "searching" to find who he really was and what he believed in.

"People <g data-gr-id="16">say, '</g>You made all these changes in your life, and all your movies seem so different now. I really like the movies you're making now,'" he said.
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