Jairam Ramesh opposes rural self-employment training institute model

Rural development minister Jairman Ramesh on Thursday expressed dissatisfaction over some components of Rural Self Employment Training Institutes (RSETI) model which provides self-employment training to rural youths and suggested that consolidation should be the aim of the programme instead of expansion.

He also shot down suggestion of bankers that extending loans should be made mandatory for the trainees to start their ventures, saying adopting it could lead to ‘scams’ in states such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

During an interaction at a function here celebrating RSETI diwas, he said the training facilities should be amalgamated rather than having a RSETI in each district of the country.  ‘In fact, one district, one RSETI model, I have been opposed to it from day one. I inherited this model, I could not change it.

‘If it is in my power, I would have closed down some of the RSETI. You need a cluster of those, you should not have one district, one RSETI model. It is not possible to create a facility and have persons in every district,’ he said. He prefaced his remarks by observing that the movement should be towards amalgamating training facilities. He suggested that five districts could share training facilities as getting good trainers is a difficult task.
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