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Jairam held Modi responsible for derailing GST across nation

Attacking the prime ministerial candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Narendra Modi, minister of rural development Jairam Ramesh alleged that the Gujarat chief minister was singlehandedly responsible for derailing General Sales Tax in the country despite it being the idea of former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee.

‘The so-called PM candidate of BJP calls himself a great economic reformer. I want to ask him one question: why is he opposing GST ? Because it did not originate in Ahmedabad? He is the single biggest barrier to GST in the country,’ said Ramesh in Ahmedabad.

Ramesh further said that BJP is running a person-centric campaign, whereas ours is not a presidential form of democracy. 'We will fight based on our ideology and our achievements our strategy is positive and constructive. We have no insecurity complex, we don t have to sing our own praises. We believe in you and we, and not me,' said the rural development minister.

Speaking about the problem of malnutrition in Gujarat, the minister was of the view that the National Food Security Act can solve this problem for the state. ‘National Food Security Act is a bonanza for Gujarat. Its current entitlement is 13 lakh tonnes. This will go up to 24 lakh tonnes a year under Food Security Act’, said Jairam Ramesh.
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