‘It’s amazing how kissing still shocks people’

What preparations did you do for the role of a crime reporter in Rush?

I read a bit on life and daily routine of reporters. Most of the work is within the boundary of the script and its context. Since I play a news anchor, I watched a couple of news shows and stuff like that.

Rush was shot two years back. Why did the release get delayed?

Unfortunately, our director passed away. Although the film was complete, there were a couple of songs left to be shot and edited. Our entire team was guided by Shamim’s wife Priya as she supervised the project. The person who really supported us throughout is Pritam, our music director.

You have been labelled a lucky mascot for producers. Considered a ‘one man army’ you are known to carry any film on your shoulders to success. What do you feel about such tags?

See, I always wanted to be a bankable actor and I think over the years that’s been a conscious effort with every film of mine. I do films that I find interesting. I never wanted to do a film only for money and I feel there is a connect that I have built with the audience. I think I want to be true to that, so that is the intention with which I do my films.

Do you ever feel the image you got of a serial kisser overshadows the actual work which you put into your movies?

I think it does. Sometimes that becomes the focal point for the way general audience see and perceive my film. I find it very amusing that it still has a certain shock value in today’s day and age. I don’t know why people specifically tie the tag to me. Lot of other actors kiss on screen as well but the people always associate it with me. However, am not cribbing as I think I have got enough accolades for my films and my performances.

What do you feel about the Rs 100 crore club in Bollywood?

It’s great, I think everyone should aspire to have a film more successgful than their last one. But there is also an aspect which people fail to see - that is the profit margin of a film. Sometimes when a film is made for Rs 70 crores and it makes Rs100 crores, that’s no big deal because your profit margin is only Rs 30 crores. But like a film of mine - Raaz, it was made on Rs 9 crores and when it did a business of 83 crores at the BO, that’s bigger than a Rs 100 crore film because you make it for one-seventh tof the cost as compared to that Rs 100 crore film.

You have done diverse roles in your career. What’s your criteria for choosing that perfect role or script?

I am clueless about my character till I hear about it which then inspires me. So I don’t have any particular dream role or path which I follow. The clarity I get when I hear a director’s conviction in the script and its character is what appeals me.

You are now being compared with the Khans. What’s your take?

They have had a huge body of work and there is the difference of all those years between my entry and theirs. But yes, its always good to be compared to actors who are dependable and accountable and who have certain commercial success. So I like that because that’s what I am here for.
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