It's a guy thing: Peerzada

Four days after an American woman was allegedly molested by an Australian cricketer in an after-match IPL party, Delhi police claims to have three eye witnesses.

'Around 15 people have been questioned so far. Three of them, the victim's friends and a hotel guard, are an eye witness to the whole incident,' said a senior police officer, requesting anonymity.

Meanwhile, amid some media reports that Pomersbach has confessed, Additional Commissioner of Police (New Delhi) KC Dwivedi said the accused has not submitted any such letter.

Reportedly, Sahil Peerzada, a businessman was  attacked by IPL player Luke Pomersbach when he tried to stop him from molesting his fiancee Zohal Hamid.

Peerzada's friend Moif and Vikas Yadav, a hotel guard, have been questioned by the police. Both have supported Hamid's allegations. Meanwhile, one more friend, Miraz, is yet to be questioned. 'We have called Miraz for questioning on Tuesday,' said the police official. Mumbai-based Moif and Miraz had apparently come to Delhi on the invitation of Royal Challengers, Bangalore (RCB) owner, Siddhartha Mallya.

According to police sources, Moif said when the incident took place, he was in the toilet.

It has also been discovered that Miraz was already in the room when others entered after the party. Miraz was that person who opened the door of the room, as was seen in the CCTV footage collected by police from the hotel's lobby.

Meanwhile, Hamid has alleged she is getting 'threating calls' to drop the case.'Yes, a complaint in this regard has been received,' confirmed a police officer. The mobile has been put on surveillance, he added.


Sahil Peerzada, who was allegedly attacked by the Australian cricketer, was discharged from the Primus hospital on Monday.

He was admitted to hospital on Friday after he was punched on his ear, allegedly by Luke Pomersbach, at a five star hotel. Pomersbach was arrested on Friday after American national Zohal Hamid alleged that he molested her and hit Peerzada, who had to undergo surgery.

'I am feeling a little unwell,' Peerzada told the media after being discharged. '[Pomersbach] misbehaved with [Zohal]. That's it. I politely asked him to leave. He did not,' he said. He said the court will decide on the case of molestation.

Regarding the sequence of events on that day, Peerzada said the cricketer had invited him to his room but he had to decline as he was tired. 'He followed us to our room. My friend opened the door. We went inside and within five minutes, he misbehaved.'

'And you know, how the guys are like. I asked him politely, 'Luke, please leave'. He did not and pushed me. So that's how the brawl happened,' he said.

Asked whether his friends who were in the room retaliated when he was punched, he said, 'Yes, they did. We got into a fight. That thing happened. It's the guy thing, you know,' he said.

On the status of his relationship with Hamid and whether she was his fiancee, he said, 'Yes, she is mine. We are dating each other,' said Peerzada. He said Hamid told him that another person was with Pomersbach when he returned to their room. Peerzada said Siddhartha Mallya is a 'nice guy and good host' but he should apologise for casting aspersions on Hamid's character.

'She was behaving nicely [at the IPL party]. I did not see her behaving weird or any such kind of thing,' he said.


The name of another Royal Challengers' player has turned up in relation to the case. KP Apanna, however, has denied the allegations that he threatened Hamid after the incident, asking her to drop the case against Pomersbach.

On Monday, he reached Delhi from Hyderabad to give his statement. Apanna accepted that he was present in the hotel during the party and that he accompanied Pomersbach after seeing him injured. Pomerbach apparently hurt his arm during the scuffle.

The police saw Apanna accompanying Pomersbach to the room of the victim in the CCTV footage. Apanna said he met Pomersbach inside a lift after the incident. He even took Pomersbach to the Primus hospital for treatment.

But police sent him to Ram Manohar Lohia for medical examination.

'The sequence of events, as told by Yadav and Apanna, are same,' said police.

Appana, however, is still not completely in the clear.

Hamid had earlier claimed that a 'skinny' man had come along Pomersbach and asked her to drop the case. 'When Pomersbach came for the second time, Appanna was with him. He had then asked whether Siddhartha was in the room, a statement that Hamid had also corroborated,' said a police official.

According to a police official, there were five persons in the CCTV footage - Peerzada, Hamid, Moiz and Miraz, and Pomersbach.
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