It's a dog's life

A butcher has been booked in Ghaziabad under cruelty towards animals for allegedly hitting a stray dog with an iron rod, breaking its backbone.

The incident happened in Vijay Nagar area of Ghaziabad on Friday night. The butcher, named Pehelwan, was sitting in his shop when a group of stray dogs apparently disturbed his customers. Pehelwan chased the dogs and hit one of them, which was eating discarded meat from the garbage, with an iron rod which broke its backbone. The dog, unable to move, fell to the ground and howled in pain.

The incident came to light on Monday when some locals complained to animal activists in the area. The activists got the dog treated in a veterinary hospital and registered a complaint with the police. 'We have registered a case under animal cruelty. Arrest in such cases are not mandatory. We will investigate the matter and file the final report in the court,' said Rajesh Dwivedi, station officer of Vijay Nagar police station. The case has been registered under section 429 of IPC and Prevention of Cruelty to animals Act.

'Some animal lovers informed me about the incident and that the dog was lying unattended since Friday. We picked the dog up and admitted it in a government veterinary hospital for treatment. He can't walk now,' said Ruchin Mehra, animal activist, who along with his friends rescued the dog.

The animal activists have taken the dog to an animal shelter in Shashtri Nagar in Ghaziabad. 'The dog is severely injured and backbone recovery is almost impossible. However, it can be done through stem cell transplantation, but the process is expensive,' said Dr Vijay Pathak, who is treating the dog.

The residents of the area had complained that the butcher had killed several dogs in the past mercilessly.
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