It helps to be thick-skinned in film industry: Alia Bhatt

All of 21, she's young and versatile unlike others of her generation, and even in terms of dealing with criticism, Highway star Alia Bhatt has a mature approach. She says being ‘thick-skinned’ comes in handy.

‘Criticism and appreciation should be welcome at all times. But it helps to be thick-skinned in the industry,’ Alia said when asked how she reacts and handles situations when the audience gives extreme reactions to her work. She found the idea to be ‘fun’.

‘We go to different cities all the time to promote our films, but having a virtual interaction via Hangout is different. Technology has made it fun and easy to interact with the audience for feedback on any product - whether it's a film or a product - as they're the ones we work for,’ Alia said.

The actress is currently active on social networking platform Twitter, where she often tweets to her over 1.8 million Twitterati. She is not on Facebook, but when asked if she has a team to manage her Twitter account, which is functional under the handle 'aliaa08', she was quick to clarify: ‘I don't have a team. I manage the account on my own.’
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