Irrfan Khan’s Jurassic World character to feature in a new video game

Actor Irrfan Khan’s role in the upcoming fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise will be a part of the first ever video game based on the film series.

Irrfan plays Simon Masrani, CEO of the Masrani Corporation and the owner of Jurassic World in the movie, which has been directed by Colin Trevorrow.

“I am quite kicked about this development and am looking forward to how well the game would be received,” the 48-year-old actor said in a statement.

There would be two versions of the game that has been developed by the team at LEGO and Irrfan’s character would be part of both the games.

The first will be a character game and the other a video game. Both of them are expected to be launched at an international level. Jurassic World releases on June 12 later this year.

Irrfan will also be seen in Ron Howard’s Inferno, co-starring Hollywood star Tom Hanks.

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