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Indian govt system is collapsing now: KPS Gill

Gill said that there are still some individuals because of whom there is some hope, otherwise all parties are mirror images of each other. ‘We have a secular a so called secular government in Uttar Pradesh and in Delhi but still there are two villages (referring to yesterday’s clashes in UP) firing on each other. What has happened to this country? We don’t have parties who win elections and govern for people. Instead we have parties who win elections and do things for themselves.’ That is a sad state, he said, adding that, we should pass a law where a party after ten years shouldn’t be allowed to contest.’

Gill also mentioned Gujarat CM Narendra Modi in his speech and said, ‘There has been discord in my family over some things which I have shared about Modi in this book who they don’t like.’

He added that recently he called a Congress general secretary to talk about Assam but he asked him to speak to home minister and refused to listen.

Gill said this at an event where his biography ‘The Paramount Cop’ written by Rahul Chandan was released. Former CBI director PC Sharma, Sri ram college of commerce principal PC Jain, Punjab kesari editor in chief Vijay Chopra and editor Ina chief Indian Express Shekhar Gupta were also present on the occasion.
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