‘Indian film industry stands for Make in India’

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan says Indian film industry is an colourful example of ‘Make in India’ initiative, as it crosses borders and takes the culture to every part of the world.

The 50-year-old Chennai Express star said, “When we talk about ‘Make in India’ we talk about the kind of stuff we do in the country. Somewhere, perhaps selfishly so, I do feel the Indian film industry does stand for something specifically and very beautifully, Make in India,” Shah Rukh said.

He was speaking at the launch of coffee table book of ASSOCHAM, ‘Digitisation and mobility of media and entertainment’.

Shah Rukh said the film industry takes our culture forward in it’s own “mad” and “colourful” way. “It does take us across borders, tell people about our culture, talks about our music and somewhere down the line spreads the word for what India stands for, in its own sometimes mad, sometimes colourful and sometimes in a little over the top way.”  The Happy New Year actor also hoped that the film industry becomes far sighted and cracks the code of international markets.

“We all have been struggling for years to think of the film as an industry be as organised be as far sighted, visionary as most of you in the room. “Through our Punjabi films, Hindi films, Bengali films and others, we hope that someday we do crack the code in terms of international viewership.” Shah Rukh will be next seen opposite Kajol in Dilwale which release on December 18.
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