India fascinates me: David Guetta

In India too, every club and every other music lover has David Guetta’s number on their playlists. Guetta was recently on his second tour to India. The artiste held two live concerts at EVC in Bangalore and in Delhi. Guetta shared his experience with Puja Gupta in an email
interview. Read on to know all about the guy who sets dance floors ablaze...

After the huge success of your past performance in India, how is the feeling of being back here?
This is my second visit to India. I am really excited as I had a fantastic first experience last time. I have heard that the dance music scene in India has really escalated to a new level now and I really want to experience it. Coming to India has always fascinated me. The main attraction of this country is that the audience here is extremely warm and the emotional response you get from them is something which every artist yearns for. So, yes I felt amazed to be back to India to perform for such warm and passionate people.

You have a huge fan following in India? How does it feel?
It feels good when you see that your music unites people all over the planet. The warmth and love that I received from the Indian audience was incredible and that is one of the reason I came back to perform here. It’s incredible that my music – and all electronic music touches and unites people all over the planet. I was pleasantly surprised by seeing the crowd and their passion for music and knowledge.

Who inspires you?

I like Avicii, Bastille, John Newman, Natural Born Chillers, Afrojack, Calvin Harris and Nicky Romero. But at the moment I am really excited to find new talents and work with them. The world is full of talented people who don’t get recognised.

How do you manage your time between music for the festivals and music that’s just for the clubs?

A festival is more like a concert, whereas when I play in a club it’s a really longer set. When I do this kind of show it’s a lot of my own music and if I play in a club I might try some stuff that is a little more experimental. I love both. I love being in the club at Ibiza and on stage giving a concert. They’re both great, but I’m a DJ first, and I don’t want to go too much away from that. That’s why often I still insist with the promoters that my shows are a little later than a regular concert and a little longer too, because I want a balance.

You’ve worked with loads of big names already. Is there anybody left on your wish list?

I would have loved to collaborate with Michael Jackson but it’s too late now. I don’t have a wish list but would really love to work with all the talented people - as many I can. At the moment what’s really exciting for me is to find really talented people who are not necessarily the most famous.

Do you think there is any difference between pop music and dance music anymore?

It depends. What I do is I use elements of my DJ culture and I make it more melodic. I try to come up with a song that can touch people even if they’re outside of my community. I think we have witnessed this with hip-hop in the past. Sometimes a song is so powerful that it can touch you even if you are not from the community. I think that if I manage to make music that is good enough on every level and that the cool DJs are playing it but also the radio, well, that’s amazing. I always felt that our music was underrated.

I felt that it should be as big as hip-hop and rock. This is still a huge, fantastic, underground scene. But that bridge that I created between electronic. Euro culture and American urban culture really made a difference, I think. Dance music is the next big thing for the coming 10 years. There’s nothing you can do about it!

How do you see the electronic dance music scene in India?

The dance music scene has really escalated to a different extent after my debut visit and I’m very excited to see it.

Your favourite Indian DJ? Would you ever like to collaborate with any Indian musician? Would you like to for mix some music for Bollywood someday?

I love to collaborate with talented people from all over the world. I would love to work with the talent here. I’ve just finished my album Listen, so I am promoting that and not producing so much right now.

Do you have anything coming up soon? Are you working on your next mainstream release as well?

I just launched my 6th album, Listen. It is one of my most personal and challenging albums till date. All I can say is that it’s completely song-based. There are featured artists of course, but none that you’d expect with me. That’s why it has taken almost three years. It’s just different.

This next album has tracks I couldn’t compare to any other record. I have always been drawn to harmonies and emotional music and this album is no exception.  So right now I am promoting my new album and not producing so much right now.

What do you think about Indian cuisine? Had you ever taste it?
Yes, I love to have Indian spicy curry. As my last visits did not leave me with enough time to explore the country or try enough of the food. I was left aching to come back for a holiday and find out more.
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