IM tying the knot with Naxals now?

Sources quoted Tehsin Akhtar, IM commander, who was arrested on Tuesday by Delhi police special cell.

‘Look at the impact of Naxal attacks, follow their style of functioning,’ a recorded conversation between Riyaz Bhatkal, founder of IM and Yasin Bhatkal, co-founder, said.

‘The conversations between the IM operatives and revelations made by Tehsin Akhtar shows IM had tied the knot with Naxals,’ a source claimed.

After the arrest of Yasin Bhatkal last year from the Indo-Nepal border, Bhatkal brothers, Riyaz and Iqbal, instructed Tehsin Akhtar to plan big attacks like those in Chhatisgarh. But the terror outfit fell short of arms and ammunition. To arrange logistics, Tehsin was instructed to establish contact with
Naxal groups.

During the interrogation, sources said explosives were arranged by Naxalites. Tehsin, a close friend of Haider Ali alias Abdullah, who is in turn a good friend of Manzer Imaman, a SIMI operative arrested by NIA, made Tehsin establish contact with members of a Naxal group. ‘Manoj Pandey, an accused, recently arrested by NIA, who used to provide explosives to Naxals, was approached by Tehsin with the help of Haider. Pandey gave huge amount of explosives, IEDs to him,’ Tehsin told investigators.

Speaking to Millennium Post, a source said: ‘Soon after the arrest of Tehsin and Waqas, the roots of IM became weak, so Naxalites have started funding more to IM for logistical support. They are also helping IM in the recruitment of new operatives.’ To evade further arrests of IM members, Naxals are also providing safe hideouts in India. ‘With the help of sleeper cell that is active in various parts of the country, Naxalite groups are acting as their shields and helping them to conduct recce of the desired area where IM is planning terror strikes in near future,’ the source added.
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