Illegal mobile towers off govt’s radar?

The Municipal Corporation’s drive  against illegal mobile towers in the city seems to have died a natural death following the trifurcation. This is despite the fact that hundreds of illegal towers are added per month to the already existing thousands in the city.

As per records, of 5,656 mobile towers in Delhi, only 3,000 have the legal permits. Since 31 August 2011, MCD has served notices to 1,697 towers. This was the last action taken against the illegal mobile towers. Interestingly, over 2,626 mobile towers in the city were without permit at the time, but no action was taken against them.

‘Certain guidelines have to be followed while building mobile towers. They include their strength certificate and clearance from Aviation and Health departments, but the telecom companies have been flouting the guidelines,’ said Y S Mann, Director of Press Information, MCD.

Mobile towers are prohibited in school campuses and near hospitals. But telecom companies pay scant attention to these rules and build towers at places convenient for them.

MCD threatened to seal illegal mobile phone towers because of possible health hazards. In 2010, the Delhi high court stopped the sealing of these towers.
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