‘I'll ask my wife before doing sex comedy’

Tampa Bay (Florida): Bollywood's undisputed king of comedy, actor Govinda, has nothing against sex comedies, which are a trend nowadays. However, whether he will be part of such a project or not is a decision he would want to consult his wife for.
Asked about his take Govinda said, ‘I feel whatever gives business...somewhere it is right. Something which is accepted by everybody cannot be wrong. Whichever comedy it might be, I think comedy is comedy.’
Is he open to sex comedies? Pat came the reply: ‘Well I will have to ask Sunita (my wife) about that,’
While he seems to be embracing the new twist to comedy films in the Hindi movie world, he is also happy about new talent.
‘Ranveer, Varun...everybody is doing well. These youngsters are working hard. We have never worked so hard. In our times, we were only actors, we were not body builders.’
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