Ileana spends her money wisely

In an interview with Millennium Post, Ileana D’Cruz revealed a lot about her habits, her likes and dislikes and future plans when she was here in the city for the launch of a shopping website.
Do you shop online? What do you splurge on?
Of <g data-gr-id="200">course</g> I shop online. I buy a lot of stuff. I am nuts. I think the best part about shopping online (a lot of people will agree with me) is that we are lazy to dress up for shopping and we use our time worrying about what we’ll wear before going outside. But sitting at home in shorts and ordering online is so much easier. The best part is that with the offers, delivery, and the smooth process, the whole experience is simplified. 

I shop for clothes, shoes, home products and all this is available under one roof so this is really great. I love shopping online for home decor as well. I buy lamps and stuff. Also, I like street shopping and bargaining, I bargain with <g data-gr-id="172">thebhajiwala</g> too! I do all kinds of shopping as I do cooking and cleaning so I require a lot of stuff like cleaning products and home products.

Do you end up over splurging?
I always end up over splurging. Now, you know that the beauty of it is that I get a lot of products for a decent price but keeping the bill in mind, there’s always a lot more products available. I don’t think it should be called splurging, it should be called spending your bucks wisely. I invest a lot of money on online shopping. It is mainly home stuff that I pick up online, I am unlike many other <g data-gr-id="191">actors</g> unfortunately (laughs).

For Chiranjeevi’s <g data-gr-id="210">birthday</g> you were wearing a Shantanu and Nikhil creation, whose designs do you prefer mostly? What are you wearing today? 

I can’t pick a favourite, c’mon, I just don’t wear one design all the time, there are many good designers. I’ve worn the Shantanu and Nikhil gown before and it is one of my favourites. They actually gave it to me and said that it is so beautiful that you should take it and I was like <g data-gr-id="169">yayyy</g>! So I got to wear it again. Today, I am wearing a Nikhil Thampi creation, earrings by Eina Ahluwalia and <g data-gr-id="170">loubies</g> (Christian <g data-gr-id="171">Loboutin</g> footwear).

What is your favourite fragrance?
I am thinking if I am tied up with anything (laughs) I am not sure if I can say any brand name, I cannot just tell you yet. (Asks) Do I smell okay? (yeah! yeah! fellow media persons screamed).

What do you think an average individual should do to look good?
People should just stick to their own style and wear what is comfortable and what works with the personality. They should try experimenting a little bit but should be comfortable. 

There is this rumour that you are getting married sometime soon. Are you?
There are a lot of rumours going around, there were rumours three years back that I was married to some businessman. So you know what I am not gonna air the rumours because I’ve never been married let me just tell you that. So yeah that is all I can say.  I’ve been very private about my personal life and I wanna keep it that way. 

<g data-gr-id="184">News</g> is abuzz that you are approached to star with Shah Rukh Khan in the Yash Raj banner movie Fan. Can you elaborate on that? Are you excited?

I am not working for Fan. There are a lot of things so I keep saying that rumours are something you should not really go by.

What are your upcoming projects? We’ve heard that you are making a comeback in Tollywood with a film? 

My next ventures? Actually I am in talks with somebody right now and it is something I am very excited about but nothing is confirmed. So until it is confirmed and I sign the contract, only then I will make an announcement. 
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