IIT-D goes the Kanpur way

As the government moves ahead with its plan for common engineering entrance test exam, Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi is toeing the line of IIT-Kanpur. It has decided to hold its own entrance test after rejecting HRD minister Kapil Sibbal’s ‘One Test One Nation’ proposal.

A member of IIT Delhi, who wished not to be named, said other IITs might also follow the Kanpur example.

‘This is a common sentiment, and most IITs are against the new pattern,’ the member said. ‘This was virtually forced on the senates by the IIT council,’ he added.

In a clear revolt against the Human Resource Development ministry’s move, IIT Kanpur decided to hold its own entrance test from 2013.

Upset with the ministry’s decision to merge IIT Joint entrance exam [IIT-JEE] with the All India Engineering Entrance Examination [AIEEE], the 210-member senate of IIT Kanpur passed a resolution rejecting the new format.

Even though there is no official reaction from the HRD ministry, a senior official said the senate could not overrule the IIT council. IIT Delhi Alumni Association [IITDAA], which has been spearheading the battle against the new format, met to decide on the future strategy. ‘What IIT Kanpur did is the right thing The senates have been overruled in taking the decision,’ IITDAA president Somnath Bharti said.

He questioned the government decision, saying it would adversely affect the quality of the IITs.
'The senates need to be need to be given more autonomy the IIT may have to compete International engineering institute like the MIT [Massachusetts Institute of technology]. For the students who cannot afford going to international institutions, IITs are the only option,' he said.

‘Instead of giving more facilities to the IITs so that they can compete internationally, the government is pulling them down,’ he said.
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