If You’ve been metro regular, here’s something for you...

Delhi Metro will honour top 200 users of its Smart Card in the past one year as it celebrates 10 years of its operations.

The DMRC has come out with a list of the top 200 Smart Cards numbers that have been used the maximum for the above period.

‘These cards have utilised the maximum electronic value during this period. In simple words, the commuters in possession of these smart cards have travelled extensively in the Metro and have used smart cards for their travel,’ DMRC spokesman Anuj Dayal said.

Since Delhi Metro is observing the 10th anniversary of Metro Operations, the Delhi Metro will felicitate the top 200 smart card users and spread the message of ‘travel smart, use smart card’.

Commuters can check their smart card number given on the top right hand side corner of the back of their smart cards and tally their number with the list of the 200 top Smart card numbers.The list is available at all Metro stations and commuters can contact the station managers or visit the web site.
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