I will sing till my last breath: Shankar Mahadevan

For singer and music composer Shankar Mahadevan, singing has always been his first passion and says people can count on him to sing till his last breath.

“I will be singing till my last breath. Probably people would ask who is this old man singing, turn it off. But, I will keep on singing,” Mahadevan said at a concert held here recently.

The event was organised by VIDYA, a not for profit organisation with support of the Shankar Mahadevan Academy - an online music teaching portal.

The 48-year-old singer also interacted with students budding musicians and described how a successful engineer like himself faced challenges to become a world-renowned musician. “My basic grammar is in Indian classical music, Carnatic music and Hindustani music, but I don’t believe that that is the only form of music I will learn, I don’t believe in that, because I am a very open minded person” said Shankar.
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