‘I was harassed for being a Pandey’

Mumbai: Controversy queen Poonam Pandey, who was rudely questioned by Mumbai cops for allegedly ‘misbehaving’ with a man in her car here, says her surname goes against her image.
The incident took place Saturday night quite close to her home on Mira Road and the man, as it happens to be, was Poonam's own brother.
‘This is worse than the Taliban. It was 10:30 pm Not even late by metropolitan standards. I was with my brother, my own brother Aditya Pandey, and I wasn't drinking or misbehaving in the car at all, when I was questioned by cops.’
Poonam says the cops behaved normally until they heard her name.  ‘The minute I said I was Poonam Pandey their attitude changed. They began to get aggressive.
They wanted to know what I was doing in the car with a man. Woh mera sagaa bhai hai. My blood brother.’
‘The cops felt since I was Poonam Pandey, they could create some excitement in their lives. And they got their eight minutes of fame. Suddenly it's all over on the TV channels. All kinds of strange insinuations are being made about my behaviour, my dress and the company I kept. If I can be pulled up for going on a drive with my brother, I shudder to think what would happen to any girl who goes out there with her boyfriend. I see the Talibanism of Mumbai in the hands of the local administration.’

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