'I was destined for Heroine'

Destiny, it seems, plays itself in myriad ways. Or so feels Kareena Kapoor about her upcoming film Heroine which is slated for release in September. After some initial role juggling between Kareena and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan [who walked out of the film after getting pregnant], Kareena finally bagged the role. The film has had its fair share of controversies with a dialogue about Dubai receiving much flak.

‘Initially, I had date problems but as Aishwarya did not do it, the film came back to me. I guess I was destined to do this movie,’ said Kareena. ‘I wasn’t apprehensive at all about doing this movie, I had no second thoughts about it,’ she added.

Working with Madhur Bhandarkar, said the actor, was a ‘great experience’. ‘The movie is close to my heart and I believe this was one of Madhur’s best,’ said the actor. What did she like about the script? The fact that it is 80 per cent original, felt the actor. ‘I don’t know if Madhur will say 70 per cent but for me the movie reflects 80 per cent of what goes inside Bollywood. It has some of the best kept secrets,’ said the actor about Heroine.

Any inspirations for her role? ‘It is a new movie and nobody has played this role before me and it was how I was supposed to do it,’ asserted Kareena and firmly said that: ‘This movie is not about my body, but about my acting.’

Asked why Madhur Bhandarkar is so serious, the actor was quick to defend the director. ‘Madhur is not at all serious, we are alike in ways, we are not impatient and impulsive,’ she said.

‘In fact, if one sees Madhur’s films, one can really expect sensationalism. They are commercial at the same time,’ she said. On the issue of the U/A certificate the movie got from the Censor Board, she said: ‘Putting a ban on smoking in films do not make people stop smoking and therefore be it A certified both kinds of movies are great it is more in the interest of the masses.’

About sister Karishma’s willingness to work with Bhandarkar, Kareena said: ‘May be she would act in  Madhur Bhandarkar’s next.’
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