‘I want to holiday in a village without my phone’

He says he won’t mind a holiday in a village without mobile connectivity.

‘Sometimes I feel I could go to a village for a holiday, where there are no phone calls, no network,’ Imran said while shooting for UTV Stars’ Breakfast to Dinner.

Busy promoting his forthcoming film, which releases 22 November, Imran took some time off to shoot for the show, where he spoke about his love for travelling and five things that he always carries in his bag when on a tour.

The cameras followed him to Nagpur where he spent a day promoting Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, which also stars Kareena Kapoor. Imran revealed that his wallet is mostly penniless.

‘I never carry money in my wallet. My friends often tease me because of that. I keep a credit card, driver’s license in my wallet and that's it,’ said the actor, who showed off his one most-loved bag that has travelled with him around the world. The episode featuring Imran will air on Sunday.
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