‘I must have said no to 450 scripts in two years’

Nimrat Kaur wasn’t craving for international stardom, but that seems to be her calling and destiny, given that she has landed a part in the hit foreign TV series Homeland. She says in the time between The Lunchbox and Homeland, she refused umpteen roles in searching for ‘something right’. It was a long wait.

‘The Lunchbox was released a year ago. I shot for it two years ago. So basically, I did my last film two years back. It was a long wait, yes. But it isn’t as if I was smugly waiting for a big international project to fall into my lap after The Lunchbox, Nimrat said on phone from Cape Town, where she’s shooting for Homeland.

The actress, who stole hearts with her unsentimental yet heartrending performance as a lonely suburban wife in The Lunchbox, says she rejected numerous offers to play lonely housewives and other desultory divas that came her way after The Lunchbox.

‘I must have said no to nearly 450 scripts in 2 years. It wasn’t as if I was being fussy. But nothing seemed right for me,’ she said.

The part of the Pakistani ISI agent in Homeland did it for Nimrat. There is little she can do to prepare for the part. ‘We are not given a chance to rehearse. No homework works because the scenes and lines are given when we reach the location,’ she said. Nimrat finds this method of working to be distracting.

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