I love doing mindless cinema: Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan, who is now gearing up for the release of Jai Ho, says he does not believe in breaking box-office records but definitely wants his films to fare well.

Considering that the industry has been obsessed with the money that a film earns at the box-office, Salman too wants that the producers, distributors and exhibitors of his film should not lose money.

‘I just don't want my films to flop because that would mean my thinking is going wrong and that would be the worst thing. I don’t care about the Rs 200-300 (crore club). I don’t want to be a part of this number game. I am there (in that bracket) but it is not like I want to break that record. I want to make a good film. As long as my films run and make decent money, I am happy,’ Salman said in an interview here. But the kind of films that Salman opts are often categorised ‘over the top’ lacking logic.

‘Now you call it ‘bakwaas’ (mindless) cinema or whatever but that is the kind of cinema I want to do because that is the kind of cinema I have seen. As a kid I have gone to theaters, stood on chairs, whistled for the heroes,’ he said.

‘Movies should be such that if a hero has fallen down audience should feel the urge to scream and say ‘get up’. You come out of the theatre... you want to be the hero. That is the feeling you should get,’ the 48-year-old actor added.

Salman wants ticket prices to go down between Rs 150-200 but unfortunately he does not have a say in that. ‘It is in the hands of the theater owners and distributors. We wanted to get it (ticket prices) down,’ he said. His actor friend Aamir Khan had once said that the Dabangg star can bulldoze any logic with his films. On this, Salman says, ‘Aamir and I do different kind of cinema. My cinema is more about going to the theaters, whistling, enjoying. And within that space I do and say whatever I have to.’
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