I like him, I like him not

My parents have selected a groom but for some reason I can’t make myself like him. I like a colleague of mine who is married! Please suggest what I can do?
Name unknown, Delhi

You should never marry someone whom you don’t like. Though there are fair chances that love might bloom after marriage. In regards to the confusion about the ‘married colleague’ and assuming you have already conveyed your message to him, my only advice: please don’t take any decision till he comes out clean from his wedlock. Men usually love attention and refuse to refuse. Don’t let him take any advantage of the situation and please don’t get weak. Be strong. Either go all out to win your dream man or get married to someone who will love you. Don’t waste your life for anything that is not worth the wait.

We live in a joint family and my husband is mostly out on tours. My Uncle in-law touches me at strange occasions and this makes me feel awkward! How should I deal with this?
Taara Singh, Noida

Just tell him - ‘STOP’. Tell him the moment he does it and don’t bother who’s around and where you are! Protest there and then. You should also keep your husband informed and I’m sure he’ll be alert too. Men sometimes neglect the power of women and please don’t keep quiet any longer. Face it for once and for all. I’m sure, your husband will always be supportive and you will soon come out of the unwanted situation. If need be relocate to a different house.

I’m a bachelor, 36. I have had 4 serious and failed relations. Parents insist I settle with an arranged marriage. I’m confused. I never can imagine getting married to an unknown person.
D. Pratap, Mumbai.

I suggest you go for a marriage where you select the partner, spend quality time knowing and discovering each other and then tie the knot. ‘Arranged’ doesn’t mean someone else selects for you and you don’t have any say! I’m sure there’s somebody made just for you. The connection of the soul is very important and you never know who’s waiting for you and where. All the best!

I have two daughters. My elder one is fair and pretty and the younger one is dusky. Our relatives pass comments on this and this affects my younger one badly. How to solve this?
Mrs. Sunita Rajpal, New Delhi

Stop meeting such relatives! Color and complexion of any person can never be a discriminating factor! This is really sad and unwanted. You should ensure that your children understand that color and looks don’t compose a person’s life. Always highlight small, good things to your daughters and appreciate their talents. If the younger one is ever upset about this, tell her that she is the most beautiful thing that happened to you and help her to create a beautiful mind.

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