I hardly have time for myself: Hema

Actress-politician Hema Malini says her multiple responsibilties as a performer, homemaker and her commitment to her constituency Mathura barely leave any time. The 65-year-old took to Twitter Monday morning to share how packed her everyday schedule is due the ‘different facets’ of her life. ‘Good morning! Busy for past 2 days with so many things to attend to! Everythg piles up when one is away & I have to sort & prioritise things.

There are different facets to my life & all are equally impt. I continue to be an artiste, I have my duties as MP, I have my house to run,’ Hema tweeted. In between, she also has to take care of her health and fitness. ‘I find I hardly have time for myself! My early morns are for exercise, yoga & pooja - the rest of the day is divided between various activities.’
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