I felt horrible after beating up Meryl Streep: Julia

Roberts, 46, plays Streep’s on-screen daughter Barbara in the gritty comedy drama. She was forced to push the 64-year-old star- who plays Violet Weston- to the ground in one scene, and she was full of guilt for doing it, Roberts told Hello! Magazine in an interview. ‘It was horrible, I felt terrible every time. I was so worried about hurting her and she was such an incredible trouper. We did the scene for like an entire day.

‘We’re both bruised up and battered and I was like, ‘Look at this! Oh my God, I’m just beating up Meryl Streep!' But she never said a word and she is secretly icing her swelling wrist, like nothing happened. She’s asking me, ‘What’s happening to you?’ She’s more concerned about others and she has a lot more endurance than I do. I love her,’ Roberts said. The Pretty Woman star was ‘privileged’ to work with the Iron Lady star, and was in awe of her. ‘Well, she is the best there is. She is really phenomenal and to watch her up close doing her thing- you’re in awe. How does she think of this stuff?'
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