I don’t want to be termed as hot: Lisa Haydon

Model-turned-actress Lisa Haydon, who does not wish to be tagged as ‘hot’, says her performance in Queen has helped people to pay attention to her acting acumen. ‘Before Queen, people perceived me (just) as a model. I worked very hard to prove myself as a good actor. I needed the right opportunity, and now I feel people have started taking me seriously as an actress and have started paying attention to my talent,’ Lisa said here. She feels there has been an image change for her after Queen.

‘I don’t want to be termed as ‘hot’. It was getting offensive after a point. Who wants to be hot,’ she asked while breaking into guffaws. However, Lisa feels that after Queen, in which she played Vijayalakshmi - an independent, fun-loving and modern girl who befriends Kangana Ranaut’s character - she is ‘getting stuck with the ‘bohemian free-spirit’ image’. She admits it ‘is so much better than hot’, but is clear that she doesn’t want to get ‘stuck with any image’.

The actress’s new film is The Shaukeens. Talking about the movie and her character, she said: ‘In my opinion, my ‘The Shaukeens’ character Ahana is not hot. Vijayalakshmi (from Queen) is hotter than Ahana though she does not do anything to be hot - she burps, she snores, and has an ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude which appeals to people. Ahana, on the other hand, is a very innocent and naive girl.’
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