I don’t mind if women use me: Hefner

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner says he does not mind if women use him to get famous. The 86-year-old, who recently reunited with Crystal Harris, a year after she ended their engagement just days before they were due to get married,  insists he wouldn’t be offended if women dated him just to further their own careers, reported

‘I wouldn’t be offended in either case. It is reality that women use me to become famous and it would be ridiculous to turn a blind eye to that. And if they use me for sex it is above all a big compliment in my age,’ he said.

Hefner is known for dating much younger women and he thinks that is because his tastes haven’t changed at all.

‘When I was 20 I fell in love with 20-year-old women and today I still fall in love with 20-year-olds. It’s not the worst — if you can afford it,’ he added.
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