I avoid doing father’s roles: Rishi

‘If you notice, I didn’t play my own son’s (Ranbir) father in Besharam. It is not vanity, just sanity. I can’t do the stereotypical father’s role. They don’t challenge me as an actor at all. So I avoid doing father’s roles. It’s just too unexciting,’ said the 61-year-old.

‘To my good fortune I am getting roles that do not require me to be the so-called father,’ he added.
Bewakoofiyaan, he says, offered him a rare chance to further a father’s role.

‘In Bewakoofiyaan, there are only three main characters- Sonam’s, Ayushmann’s (Ayushmann Khurrana) and mine. The film gave me a chance to do something more than what we generally see fathers do in our films. Not that there is anything revolutionary or path-breaking about a father frowning over a daughter getting married,’ he said.

However, the versatile actor sees Bewakoofiyaan as a sign of the changing times. ‘When I did the roles of the loverboy, parental approval for my choice of soul-mate was very important. And if the loverboy of yesteryears didn't get the father’s blessings, he had to elope with the girl.
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