I am in love but no marriage plans yet: Ranbir Kapoor

His relationship with Katrina Kaif is always in the limelight but actor Ranbir Kapoor says though he is in love and feels responsible, he has no immediate plans to get married anytime soon.

The 32-year-old actor said he has been hearing about his wedding for some six years now but assured media that his big day will not be a secret affair.

“Am I in love? Yes, I am in love. Do I feel responsible and committed? Yes. When speculations come, it spoils the fun because I also want to celebrate the institution. I would request media not to speculate about the dates. I will not hide and get married, that doesn’t make sense,” Ranbir told reporters here.

“You cannot keep it private because we are all actors.

Wedding is a celebration and my wedding dates have been planned (by media) since I joined industry. I think it’s a very special date and let me announce it from my side and right now I have no such plans,” he added.

Ranbir will be next seen in Anurag Kashyap’s upcoming film Bombay Velvet and the actor hopes audience loves the movie which will hit the screens on May 15. His last two releases - Roy and Besharam - did not do well at the box office.

“As an actor you want to deliver. If I have given certain amount of love and respect for the films I have done and if Besharam has not done well then I am taking the ownership for that...

“Films’ fate is not in my hands but with Bombay Velvet, I want people to come to the theatre and watch the film. I think pressure is very good, we move and we work harder,” he said. 

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