I am exhausted with all the attention: Poonam

The Nasha actress says sometimes she just wants to spend quality time with her mother and father. She apparently received close to 2,000 text messages and nearly 500 calls wishing her all the best.

‘I didn’t expect anyone to even remember it was my birthday. I kept it very quiet. I am a little tired of all the attention. I am also exhausted by all the partying with friends,’ said Poonam, who celebrated her birthday 11 March.

‘This birthday I was just with my parents, that’s all. There is a very good reason why I chose to be away from all the shor-sharaaba (noise) this birthday. It was my mom’s wish that I spend the day with her and dad. She told me, ‘
Beta, baaki din toh kaam aur doston ke saath guzaarti ho. Aaj ka din mujhe dedo
.’ I didn’t want to say no!’

‘I did pooja with my mom in the morning. Then I went out for lunch with them. I realised how little time I get to spend with my family. My work takes me away all day. When I return home, it is late at night. They are asleep. I’ve forbidden them from staying awake for me. Sometimes I just want time to put my head in my mom’s lap.’

Being with her parents is what Poonam likes doing the most. Poonam has signed a new film and moved into her large sprawling office in Andheri.
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