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How to deal with calorie crisis after the festive season?

So do you stand in front of the mirror more number of times in the day than before and find it extremely difficult to recognise yourself? Just figure out the best get-fit regimen to get back to shape after the 10 day-long Navratri and binge-eating spree. While all those mouth-watering delicacies like jalebees, vrat thalis in star hotels, special sweets and cheese pizzas were worth tickling the taste buds with, the task that undoubtedly ahead of you is to shed those unwanted kilos before Diwali comes.

‘People must follow an appropriate work out routine, weight-loss exercises and avoid any further binge eating. Ideally, one should intake only fruits, milk and avoid all high-calorie diets for a week or so, if possible. Brisk walking, stretches, push ups, skipping, power yoga and jogging are exercises one can easily do at home. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water, fruit juices and following a strict diet is essential or else your exercises would be fruitless. No doubt, yoga is also a great way to enhance flexibility and body stamina besides toning your muscles. You could start your day with yoga and follow it up with an extensive 45 minutes of stringent workout session,’ says Dr Jyoti Jain, senior consultant, internal medicine.

‘While you certainly can’t make up for the lost sleep, Dr Jain says you can try to avoid disturbing your biological clock by sleeping early and having early dinner. Avoid strong lights, TV and other gadgets before sleeping. Nothing like ending the day with sound sleep and starting a new day with early morning exercises.’
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