How does Kate keeps romance alive?

She also plans regular date nights and they often spend a little quality time together, reports

‘We are not that long distance. And we both travel for work. How I make it work is we try not to spend too much time apart. We try not to spend more than two weeks apart,’ Hudson was quoted as saying.

‘When you have kids it kind of goes without saying. You don't want to be away from your kids for more than two weeks. And we travel together... We are lucky to not have to do the real long distance thing.

‘To me, I think when women who have children are fighting overseas, that's long distance. And that's very challenging. I really honour those families that do that.’

When Hudson and Bellamy, who have a son, are together, they make time for date nights.

‘We are lucky to be able to have the ability to take time with each other and make sure we have that time with each other. So date nights for us are all over. From a movie, to dinner, to just not leaving our bed, to concerts. We like our dates,’ she said.
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